AutoTrader – 3.1.0


AutoTrader is India’s only broker independent automated trading software. It also provides Realtime Data & bulk order features for UPSTOX, KITE, ODIN, NOW & NEST (client & dealer) terminals. It has been designed for retail traders, portfolio managers & sub-brokers. This software has a very simple file based communication mechanism; which makes it easy to connect it with other analysis software such as (AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Excel, Custom Trading Application etc.)

AutoTrader supports multiple trading platform that are supported by many brokers. It gives you the freedom to switch brokers.

Do NOT make your trading setup dependent on Broker’s APIs, with AutoTrader you can change stock broker simply by changing a setting.

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To learn about how to use the software, please take a look at the User Guide. You can also contact us, if you face any difficulties.

Installation Steps
  • Download AutoTrader (Full Version) setup from here
  • You will get setup.bat file.
  • Run setup file (Right Click -> Run As Administrator) & wait for installation to complete, it takes some time so please be patient.
  • Software will be installed in C:\autotrader folder.
  • You will have shortcuts created on Desktop for starting and stopping the server.
  • Go to your desktop, right click on Start-AT shortcut & select properties
  • On properties window, go to Shortcut tab & click Advanced button
  • Tick Run as Administrator -> Press OK -> Press Apply.
  • Your installation is complete, now read the User Guide to learn how to use the system.
  • Semi & Fully automated trading (Place/Modify/Cancel orders)
  • Realtime & backfill data (price, volume & open interest) for all exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX)
  • Seamless integration with AmiBroker, MetaTrader & Excel
  • Email alert on order failures
  • Place bulk orders from Excel for single or multiple clients
  • No need to buy API from brokers (No additional expenses for you)
  • Bracket & Cover orders
  • Read order details (status, filled & pending quantity, status message etc.)
  • Read position details (MTM, PNL, Net Quantity, Buy & Sell value etc.)
  • Read portfolio details
  • Read funds/margin details
  • Works smoothly with live price data from any other external vendor
  • Supports all segments (Cash, Stock, Currency & Commodity Derivatives)
  • Works smoothly with live price data from any other external vendor
  • Mapping for custom symbols received in price datafeed to platform trading symbol
  • Support integration with any custom trading or charting software
Feature First 15 Days Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly
AutoTrader Free* 1,100/- 3,300/- 6,000/- 10,600/-
Realtime Data Free* Free* Free* Free* Free*
Email Support Not Available# Free Free Free Free
On-Call Support Not Available# Limited# Free Free Free

* Realtime Data is a free feature with AutoTrader license & is only available with KITE & UPSTOX trading platform. We are not a data vendor, AutoTrader simply redirects the data from your browser to Amibroker.

The trial license for Virtual Machines is only 1 day.

We have many clients on trial period & many of them did not follow the User Guide & asked us for support.
Hence we do not provide support in Trial period. Users on trial period are advised to look at support docs, user guide & youtube channel.

How to pay?

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